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Hi! Thanks for visiting my site, I want to personally welcome you. My name is Ilana and I'm a creative by day and comedian by night.

Outside of my pet photography business, I do a lot of personal brand work - capturing entrepreneurs and their businesses. My pet photography business is a branch off of my main creative company Ilana Productions, LLC.

I offer pet photography services because I absolutely love pets (and people!). It is so special to capture that bond between a hooman and their pet. 

It also amazes me to see the different personalities of each pet I capture. I love doing this.

My goal is to provide you not only with amazing images, but a fun/memorable experience with your pet.

I started my pet photography work through a project with people and pets to capture their bond while they did activities.

It was so adorable that more and more people wanted portraits of their pets and a Me and My Pet shoot of their own! 

It is really important to me to capture the personality of your pet. 

Of course we will get regular images of your pet sitting and looking at the camera, but I think it is so valuable to capture them being them! 

Playing with toys, eating a snack, rolling around - these are all fun moments to capture!

I hope to be photograph you and your pet soon!


My Process

So we're working together? Amazing!

What to expect:

We'll hop on the phone so I can get to know a little more about you and your pet. I have three different types of shoots: a 30 min portrait session, a 1 hr portraits session, and the Me & My Pet Shoot (see more on that under bookings)


Rules to help your pet feel comfortable:

  • I do not allow more than one pet in the studio as it is distracting for the other pet being photographed

  • Only two people are allowed to come along for the fun (you and one other person)

  • One person must be ok with actively being involved in the shoot behind the scenes to help your pet out (making them comfortable, commanding them, giving treats)


What to Bring

I suggest packing a small bag with the following

  • Your pets favorite treats (their ultimate favorite snack of all time),

  • Peanut butter (if a dog)

  • Outfit changes

  • Toys


I have a creative studio located in Downtown Hoboken, NJ and I also shoot on location (so you can come to me, I can come to you, or we can location scout depending on the project).

My Studio:  
It is a beautiful studio with large
windows, providing opportunity for natural lighting indoors. Pets are unable to see out of the windows, so there shouldn't be distractions. The studio is equipped with professional studio strobe and continuous lighting, so I have an array of creative lighting options depending on the looks we are going for. It 
is a two minute walk to the PATH, which makes commuting from NYC convenient. 


My studio is stocked with cold water,
iced tea, snacks, and coffee (but I
am right next to a Starbucks and near
a couple coffee shops!). I also have water for the fur babies as well!

I have two comfortables chairs on a soft carpet, so it is a cozy space to hang with you and your pet during our session together.

51 Newark St, Hoboken, NJ


Book Now

Click on any service below to book or learn more. 

30 Minute Pet
Portrait Session

We'll have 30 minutes to get your pet running, jumping, doing tricks, eating snacks, sitting and smiling, rolling around, or shaking their booty at the camera.

1 Hour Pet
Portrait Session

We'll have a full hour to get your pet running, jumping, doing tricks, eating snacks, sitting and smiling, rolling around, or shaking their booty at the camera.

The Me & My Pet Photography Shoot

The Me & My Pet Photography Session is a unique session where we can capture yourself doing a hobby with your pet!

This is a one hour session, however, there will be some pre-planning beforehand.


Contact Me

51 Newark St, Hoboken, NJ 07030


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